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Product and Finish Information

Because we use real wood in our products, there are certain characteristics and qualities that you may not be familiar with. As your satisfaction is our number one priority, we want to make sure you are fully aware of the important information below regarding our cabinetry and the applied finish:


Expansion and Contraction

The properties of natural wood are such that it can react to climatic or humidity changes found within most homes. As much as half of the weight of freshly cut wood is water. Choice Cabinet doors and face frames are manufactured from solid wood that has been carefully kiln-dried, retaining just enough moisture for proper construction and finishing. The center panels of some of the Choice Cabinet Chicago doors are wood and some are medium density fiberboard. As a product of nature, solid hardwoods continue to react to their surroundings long after manufacture. When wood cabinet doors are in a warm, moist environment (high relative humidity), the wood expands. In a dry, colder environment (low relative humidity), the wood will contract. This phenomenon can be controlled but never eliminated even with humidity regulation.

Door panels are prone to minor expansion and contraction as seasonal temperature and humidity changes occur in a home. The contraction or shrinkage of the center door panel during low humidity periods may result in the appearance of an unfinished line along the edge of the center panel. Choice Cabinet Chicago does not consider the appearance of an unfinished line as a defect and will not replace doors due to this situation. It is recommended that a humidity control system is incorporated in a home to reduce the possibility of expansion and contraction in wood products. Touch-up markers are made available to cover this edge line. Oftentimes, touch-up may only be necessary within the first year.

Choice Cabinet Chicago is not responsible for any of these conditions and variations.



Over a period of time wood species in all finishes will exhibit color changes when exposed to different types of light and environment. Such color changes are to be expected and are not defects. Due to the natural variation and aging process, minor differences may be observed in color match when replacing doors or adding cabinets at a later date. It is a characteristic of stained and painted wood finishes to age over time when exposed to smoke, sunlight or general household cleaning chemicals.

Graining differences, mineral streaks, and wood color variations are expected in wood cabinetry and are not classified as defects. A newly installed kitchen could have these minor color variations.

Choice Cabinet Chicago offers several types of painted finishes on cabinetry. Painted finishes are exceedingly different from the standard stained finish. Since normal movement is typical in wood products, certain climatic conditions can cause finish breaks, recesses, and joint and panel lines. Joint separation can be more visible on mitered doors.

Consequently, in places and environments of extremely high or extremely low humidity, painted finishes are not recommended. Joint lines and variations are common attributes of painted finishes and will not be considered sufficient reasons for product replacement.

Some of our products have glaze finishes. Since glaze detailing is hand applied then hand wiped off, glaze may “hang up” or remain in any corners of the door or drawer profile. Because the glaze is a hand applied procedure, detailing can differ from piece to piece. NOTE:Independent testing has shown that discoloration will develop on doors, drawers, and cabinet parts after continued exposure to tobacco smoke. This is remarkably apparent on white and lighter finishes. We do not warrant discoloration in our products due to exposure to smoke.


Joint Lines

Expansion and contraction in doors and face frames can cause visible lines at the joints. The finish will still protect the surface and the structural integrity of the joint will not be affected. An open joint line is not considered a defect.


Choice Cabinet Lifetime Limited Warranty