Quality Care Goes A Long Way

Self-Cleaning Appliances

Self-cleaning appliances use intense heat during the clean cycle. During installation and with age, the integrity of the seal or gasket on the appliance can be compromised. Because of this, Choice Cabinet recommends the removal of any cabinet doors and/or drawers located adjacent to or directly above the appliance during a cleaning cycle.

Heat-Producing Appliances

Mounting or placing heat-producing appliances beneath cabinets is not recommended. The excess heat and moisture from appliances such as coffee makers and toaster ovens can damage your cabinets.

UV Effects

Ultraviolet light rays from natural sunlight can affect the appearance of your cabinets. Depending on the natural characteristics of wood and the applied finish, the amount/direction of light exposure, and the portion of the cabinet that receives light, the appearance of your cabinet(s) may change over time.